The Clam Elite Lacrosse League, or CELL, is a league consisting of 16 teams held at the Teamworks Sports Center in Acton, MA. The league is comprised of eight high school-based teams, and eight teams comprised predominately of Clam program members.

This year, CELL chose to identify and honor the top 30 players in the league of over 300. They tiered these 30 players into a conventional All-League configuration, with a 1st Team, a 2nd Team, and a 3rd Team. The All-League teams consisted of players from 16 different high schools, committed to play at 12 different colleges, representing four different area high school club programs.

CELL would like to congratulate all of the clubs, high school teams and college programs for their players’ accomplishments while training in the offseason, in preparation for the high school season, which begin in March.