We are back! Today is the start of the 2021 MIAA Boys Lacrosse Tournament. 16 months have passed since we had a chance to wait on the seedings for an MIAA tournament event and start MIAA tiuyrnament play. That wait is over, as seedings were done for all Spring sports on Wednesday and today the action begins. While the pandemic paused and delayed many things in the past year and a half, it would not get in the way of Selection Wednesday and Opening Round games today.

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2021 Tourney Info


The tournament is set to begin today, with sectional finals on June 29, and the state finals on July 3.

In 2021 all MIAA boys lacrosse programs, just like every school’s spring sports programs,  had the option to opt-in to the MIAA postseason state tournament.

The seedings this year are only based on record. The seedlings do not include the traditional three-way seedings approach – which includes a coaches poll, strength of schedule and winning. Seeds are solely determined based solely on win percentage. Tiebreakers were determined by head-to-head results, winning percentage against common opponents, league champions, and lastly by a coin flip.

When we get to the state semifinals – the 2021 tournament will be run under the sectional alignments from the 2020 state semifinals will be used this spring, with the winners of Division 2 and 3 Central/East facing the corresponding winners of the North region, and Central/West facing the South winners.