We welcome Will Frisoli to the BostonLax Recruiting Spotlight!

What town are you from?
Westwood, MA

How many family members do you have and do they play sports too?  Do your parents play lacrosse?
I am one of five children. I have four other brothers, one older and three younger. All of my siblings play football and lacrosse. My older brother, Jack, is now in college and plays lacrosse at Harvard. My mother played lacrosse in high school and college at Nobles and Tufts University respectively. My father never played lacrosse. He played football and did Track and Field and Tufts as well.

Why St. Sebastian’s?
I choose St. Sebastian’s because I had family members who had gone there and had many great things to say about the school. My uncle went to St. Sebastian’s, played lacrosse for the school, and ended up graduating college and coming back to teach at the school for a few years. Also, my older brother was an 8th grader at Sebs when I began the application process. Both my uncle and my brother had given me very good reviews on the school and I was very excited to attend. I went and watched my uncles lacrosse games at the school when I was just a toddler so I really grew up with a good knowledge of the school and I knew it was the right place for me. I am incredibly happy with my decision to attend St. Sebastian’s. Sebs is really a special place with amazing people within the community. St. Sebastian’s has allowed me to grow infinitely as a student and athlete.


How has the transition been from a young star to a captain?  What responsibilities have changed?
Going from a young guy on the team to now being a senior on the team is an interesting transition. I realize now that as a senior I have to really have to be a leader on the team. All the younger players all look up to the older returners of the team so as an older player I have to be conscious of always playing hard and setting the tone for each practice and game. I have been very fortunate to have been on the team to witness many great leaders and captains come through this program. The alumni of the St. Sebastian’s lacrosse program are the ones who have paved the way for how this team is run and how we do things. I hope to be a good role model to younger players on the team this year as the past leaders of this team were to me.

Who else is captain with you and what makes them great leaders?
The other captains are Peter Blake and Brian Piatelli. Peter Blake is a great player and one of the leaders of our defense. Peter is great at directing players where to be and is a great communicator on the defensive side of the ball. Brian Piatelli has an incredibly high IQ when it comes to the sport of lacrosse. Brian is a great attackman on the team and has the ability to help younger players on the team reach their full potential as players. Brian also is great at leading by example; he’s always doing the little things correctly and to the best of his ability.

Most influential coach in youth sports? Why?  High School? Why?
I would say in youth sports my father was my most influential coach. My father always coached me in Pop Warner football as I was growing up. My dad taught me so many great lessons that have shaped who I am as a person and a competitor. My father taught me how to push myself, compete hard, and give 100% effort at all times.

In high school sports I believe my most influential coaches have been Adam White, my head lacrosse coach, and Bob Souza, my head football coach. Both coaches have been tremendous role models and friends throughout my high school career. Coach White has been on the St. Sebastian’s lacrosse staff throughout my entire high school career. He has shaped me into the player I am today and I really appreciate all the hard work he has put into this program. Coach White has fully committed himself to St. Sebastian’s lacrosse program and is great at forming relationships with his players. Jack Reid and Ben Smith are also two coaches that have been very helpful to me with skill specific work. Both guys were great players and have taught me so many things about the game.

What are you looking forward to most this spring season?
This spring I am really just looking forward to competing in such a talented, strong league. The ISL has been a great league for many years now and I look forward to taking on great competition alongside all of my teammates.

Any games on the schedule that stand out?
I am looking forward to our first game of the season against Malvern Prep. This game should be a great test for our team before heading into league play. In terms of ISL play, every game is a big one with championship implications so all ISL matchups are huge.

Any players on opposing rosters that you look forward to matching up with?
The great thing about the ISL is that every team really has a lot of good players. Each game I will be matched up against a very good player so I’m really just looking forward to playing such great competition and players throughout the season.

What are the goals for St. Sebastian’s this spring?
Our goal this season is to take every game one at a time. As a team if we are able to do this I think great success and many wins will come.

What was your process like with Harvard?  When did you commit?

I initially committed to Harvard the summer after freshman year. Harvard was one of a couple of schools that reached out to me and I really enjoyed the school and liked many of the coaches on the staff at the time.

Why the transition in commitment from Harvard to Duke? What made you choose Duke
Although I really would’ve enjoyed playing with my brother at Harvard I believe that this was the best decision for me. I visited Duke a few times and really got a good sense for the school, the people, and the program. I think the proven success and the culture around the Duke team was very attractive to me. I really hope to be in a position to compete for a National Championship one day and I believe Duke is a great place to do such a thing.

Anyone else recruit you in the first process and who came knocking during the second process?
In my initial recruiting process I spoke very seriously to coaches from Penn, Harvard, Duke, and Notre Dame. During the second half of my recruiting process I spoke to coaches from Duke, Yale, UVA, and Harvard.

What advice would you give to a young player about the process?
I would tell a young player to take the process slow. This is obviously a large decision in a young man’s life so I would suggest that you really make sure you love the school and can see yourself going there. I would also suggest that a player does not commit to a school solely for the lacrosse; you will be spending 4+ years at this place so you want to make sure you will enjoy the overall experience of being a student as well as an athlete at the school.

What is your favorite club tournament or showcase you attended and why?
My favorite club tournament I attended is the Vail Shootout. This tournament always has unbelievable competition from all over the country. Also, playing in Colorado at that time of year is awesome.

Training – How often are you in the gym a week during the season and out of season?
Out of season I am in the gym anywhere from 4-5 times a week. In season as a team we will be in the gym 2-3 times per week.

Where do you train?  Why?
I train at Edge Performance Systems, or EPS, in Foxboro. Brian Mcdonough is a great trainer with a great reputation with many athletes. Brian is so good at what he does and really takes care of his athletes which is what makes EPS such a great spot.

How focused are you on your diet?
In and out of season I try my best to really focus on what I’m eating or not eating. I believe that it is very important to keep a good diet in order to fully excel as an athlete.

5’11 180lbs
Bench – 250 1 Rep Max
Clean – 225
Vertical – 32