ISL Top 10 – Week 3

Aside from (probably) three of the eight ISL playoff spots, things are wide open with the regular season's final weekend just two weeks away. Here's where we believe the Top 10 stand heading into games starting on 4/24: 1. St. Sebastian's (7-3, 5-0) - The Arrows dropped 25 goals in a game against Lawrence Academy and took care of business against Thayer and Milton Academy recently. It's a 1a, 1b situation for us with Belmont Hill right now. 2. Belmont Hill (8-1, 5-0) - Big one on the road against Roxbury Latin this week after blowouts against St. George's and Groton. Just sort of quietly going about their business as usual. 3. Middlesex (6-1, 4-1) - Impressive win over Rivers la

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