It is not known if the quote “Hope Springs Eternal….” – by Alexander Pope (1732) had anything to do with an optimistic outlook of a potential high school lacrosse season. Sarcastically and realistically speaking, we think it only makes sense that during this difficult Spring, where high school sports are a secondary thought to the health and well-being of our communities, that hope can provide us with an optimistic outlook during these dark times.

It is clear that public safety is paramount when it comes to the issue of resuming Spring sports and the 2020 MIAA lacrosse season, however, it does not hurt to express your hope and optimism during these unrepresented times of the Pandemic – COVID-19.

The MIAA board of Directors convened yesterday, March 30th, and came up with the following conclusions.


The bottom line is May 4th could present a potential start date to the 2020 MIAA Spring high school lacrosse season – with a June 27th extended date proposed for completion of a postseason tournament. Regardless of your feelings about the MIAA, this is not a time to pile on the association, as they want a season, just like the players, coaches, fans, media, and families. If there is any possible way to make it happen, we believe it will.

Sports are the heartbeat of our communities. The health and well-being of our communities (including their heartbeats) are clearly the priority, but it is not necessary to belittle sports in an effort to be “realistic” about a hopeful opportunity. I have yet to see a high school athletic director, coach or student-athlete express their ignorance about this issue. They are simply holding on to the hope that their passion and love for sports can provide a distraction and return back to normalcy. It is not mutually exclusive to have both hopes. We are seeking hope and hope is a strong motivator during these difficult times. We hope that our communities will remain healthy, strong, safe and vibrant – and we also hope for a high school lacrosse season.

We will continue to provide support for our great game and the student-athletes and their families, as we navigate this uncharted territory.

Here are some additional thoughts and articles (through tweets) from the Massachusetts high school lacrosse community on the issue.