Bedlam Poll (MIAA/ISL) – Week 1

In the words of George Costanza: "Wanna get nuts? Alright, let's get nuts!" We're starting a combined poll with MIAA and ISL teams. Try to keep the hate emails comments to a minimum, would ya? But in all seriousness, we would love feedback on this as we roll it out for the remainder of the regular season. For write ups of each team, check out the MIAA Top 20 and ISL Top 10. Here's our first crack as of April 16th... 1. St. John's Prep 2. St. Sebastian's 3. Belmont Hill 4. Roxbury Latin 5. Middlesex 6. Noble & Greenough 7. Acton Boxboro 8. Hingham 9. BC High 10. Andover 11. Catholic Memorial 12. Winchester 13. Governor's Academy 14. Thayer Academy 15. Marshfie

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