As part of our 2017 postseason coverage, we bring to you our All-State, All-Star teams. We have taken our time, analyzed hours of video, utilized respected resources and talked to numerous coach, scout and media contacts to come up with five All-State teams. We have created individual D3, D2, D1, ISL and Combined Soph./Frosh (All-Underclassman) teams. After announcing our D3 team, we now present our 2017 Boston Lax Division 2 All-State team. 2017 Boston Lax Division 2 All-State Team Division 2 All-State First Team   A Marc O'Rourke '17 - Hingham A Jack Hennessey '17 - Hingham A Drew Kozub '17 - St. John's Shrewsbury M Austin Collard '17 -

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